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dfy writers is a digital marketing agency.

Our goal is to make your digital marketing a breeze. Most small businesses have great intentions when it comes to their social media marketing, communicating with clients on a regular basis and keeping fresh content on their website...BUT...most of us really don't have the time to do all of that. We know because we are as guilty as any other business.

I'm Beth Thompson and I also own and manage Beth Thompson Enterprises. You can read all about me here.

I've been doing marketing for small businesses for close to 20 years. Even though I was building websites for my clients I didn't have one for my business for about 5 years. I just didn't have time to build it! So when I say I understand what it means not to have the time to put toward your own marketing - I really know!!

We help almost 70 small business owners with Facebook & Twitter content & scheduling, email newsletters, monthly blog posting & Google My Business & reputation management. See how I picked the things business owners need to do the most? I know you have good intentions. We all do. But when push comes to shove, you need to spend your time and focus on your product and your business. 

Let us do the other stuff. We'll keep you front and center and looking good!

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